This guide can educate you on the top knot (normally known as a lanyard knot) which may assist because the foundation of many string ring styles. This how to includes move-by- step photographs within a video and the attached slideshow. The overhead knot employs at the very least four strands of wire and makes a nice heavy cycle of troubles. It’s valuable when learning a knot where you are inside the knot, which means you do not mixup to make use of at the least two shades of string or wire. To connect the top knot, maintain your four cables in a bunch. Mix the initial cord within the second cord. Mix the 2nd cord on the wire that is third. Cross the 3rd cord within the twine that is last. Move the cord that is fourth beneath the first wire. Draw all the cords tight and proceed with the same four steps to create a string of troubles. It does not matter which cable you focus on as long as it is crossed by you on the one within the same purchase close to it everytime.

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