2014 Dissertation Games Students planning to affect examine Theology, Religious Studies or Viewpoint at university would excel to enter #xa0 an article competition. &; This Can Be specifically true of the who would want to apply for Oxbridge.  Under you will look for a quick summary of a number of the existing games with #xa0 & key; you will be taken by Links in the sidebar boxes to the website comprising entry forms and full accessibility details. Present 2014 Games: Oriel College Oxford: Stopping quickly: Oriel runs year twelve students are opened to by a competition. Last year they just had 47 articles, consequently absolutely worth a go! First prize is 250.  Contract is Wednesday 11th June and 30th June will announces winners. Could you wakeup to locate yourself in a physique that is different? When the world before you are blessed alongside the regulations of nature’s state determine every activity that you just accomplish, in what impression are you legally accountable for something that you do?

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What, with inequality, is mistaken if anything? St Peter Oxford: Goes a viewpoint dissertation competition open to year twelve pupils.  the most word-count is 2,000 phrases and the award is 250.  The final day is 12th Sept 2014.  more information on their site. Does the truth that our feelings may deceive mean that we could don’t have any perceptual knowledge? Would you do the correct thing on a regular basis be described as a negative person but? University of Gloucester: Recently released particulars: Gloucester’s School runs a Philosophy and RS competitiveness available to equally #xa0 and yr & yr twelve treasure is definitely an ipad with coupons for runnersup. The phrase control is 1,500 (including footnotes) words and also the timeline is July 24th.  the internet site suggests the dissertation might be any variety (i.e Platonic fashion dialogues permitted!).

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Articles must be submitted by email on their website to  dwebster@glos.ac.uk.&# xa0; Further details. The succeeding dissertation will be printed in #xa0 & RE Today.; 1. What is the proper function of religion in today’s, secular culture? Wouldn’t it be incorrect to travel back and kill Hitler if you had a time machine? Research that is does offer us a precise photograph of’how the world is’? Candle Seminars Candle Conventions manage a Thinking Granted composition competition ready to accept equally year twelve and thirteen.  The contract this past year was in November as well as the prize was 200 plus twenty seats to Candle Meeting events.  Titles for this season nonetheless to be introduced. The School of John: Saint John’s offers the Wilkinson essay award for documents of 2,000-4,000 terms over a array of topics.  They will release questions later inside the year. Last year first prize was 750 plus a week staying in the college utilizing the library assets and perchance visiting a relevant university office. Essay Competitions: Corpus Christi: Corpus Christi School comes with an annual dissertation opposition in & #xa0; Contract this year was March 14th.

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College: A competition that will be not close to year twelve having an entry time in March is run by Girton. Their competition is actually a humanities writing treasure rather than topic- unique dissertation competition. Last year they certainly were seeking publishing motivated by one-of six objects from their museum (their website has pictures). They accepted both essays and reactions that were imaginative. This may be especially advantageous to anyone applying for a combined honors program who would like to demonstrate how interdisciplinary they may be. Optimum word control is 1,800 phrases, though reactions (especially creative writing) could be smaller. First award was 300. Heythrop College: Heythrop College runs a contests available to both year twelve and thirteen (upper and lower sixth).

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The closing day last year was the conclusion of May as well as the gifts were 500 for first treasure, 100 for minute and 50 for third with 10 each for fourth, fifth and sixth.  the phrase measures was 1. College Oxford: Keble’s competitiveness is available to yr twelve and thirteen.  The prize last year was 300 along with the word-length 1,500 words.  Prize winners also got invited at #xa0 & the college your day; Their site specified that the composition should be written designed for your competitors and individuals can just only enter #xa0 & one essay.; Entries may be published or emailed. Trinity College Cambridge: Trinity College gives separate Viewpoint and Theology Competitions.  The competitions are open to year twelve (lower sixth just). This past year both contests had a term restriction of 2,000-4,000 words.  First reward was600 divided between your prospect as well as their school.  Minute prize was 400.   Last year the contract was May’s end. Contact: Then please do email me utilising the form below knowing of some other related tournaments that needs to be added to this page.

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